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I'm Natalie, the proud owner and head esthetician of Nomascara in Los Angeles, California, CA. I'm so excited to see you on my page! I've been doing Eyelash services for 7 years and received my Cosmetology license and diploma from the best beauty school in the United States - Christine Valmy. I'm passionate about my work and love seeing my happy clients!

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Our Classic 1:1 Ratio Lash Extensions

A little more natural volume, 2:1 ratio

Voluminous lash extensions, 3:1 Ratio

Fill in Fall out and missing lashes

Get rid of old or falling extensions

Jumpstart your Own Lash business

Laminations, tinting, and more

Custom lashes for optimal results

  • New set takes about 1.5 − 2.5 hours
  • Refills take 30−60 mins
  • Removal take 20−30 mins

Approximately 3−4 weeks, depending on your maintenance.

I highly recommend waiting for 24hrs before washing your eyes.

Yes, after 24 hours, it’s necessary to wash your lashes in order to keep up good eye hygiene. I recommend using lash shampoo two times a week, and besides that just rinsing eyes with warm water.

You can always ask for a 10 min fill. I will apply a couple lash extensions to one of your eyes to see your reaction. We can then decide if we can do a new complete set!

You can take a break 1-2 times a year for a month!

No, it will make your lashes grow faster so you’ll nee da fill every week instead of 2-3 weeks like normal.

Things that make eyelash extensions fall off: hot steam, excessive sweating, oil based products, sleeping facedown or on the side of your face a lot, rubbing your eyes, taking collagen or any hair growth supplements, swimming, etc.

I recommend waiting at least 3 weeks after your lash lift, because extensions wont last as long on damaged, curled lashes.